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What was the main issue EOS® helped you resolve?

Embarking on the EOS® journey helped us realise that with the right structure in place, a clearly communicated vision, and the right people in the right seats, we could develop other leaders in the organisation that are equally or better positioned to take the right decisions moving forward.

This helped us tremendously as it liberated us from being the company’s bottleneck and allowing other people to grow in their new leadership roles. It also made us realise that we now have the time to focus on other areas of the business, knowing that the operation is running smoothly, something that prior to EOS® was just inconceivable.

How did EOS® help you clarify and communicate your vision?

As a leadership team we participated in several workshops to clearly articulate our why and recognise what we are really good at. We also identified what constitutes a “right person” for Eyetech as well as clearly documenting our future goals. At the end we had a simple but comprehensive one-pager document that everyone in the team could understand and appreciate how their individual input contributes towards Eyetech’s overall plan and journey.

How did the effectiveness of your meetings improve?

This process allowed us to realise the power of having the right people in the right discussions, whilst before our meetings were mostly ad hoc and at times inconclusive. The structured meetings introduced by EOS® gave everyone the discipline and clarity to report and discuss those aspects that will really make a difference to drive our business forward. By the end of the meeting everyone is clear on who needs to do what and by when. We have become much more organised and we’re simply getting more stuff done!

What has improved in the way you tackle key issues?

Whilst working with KastellVP, apart from the actual discussion of how to implement EOS® and the various business tools that come with it, we inevitably discuss issues, some of which can be quite delicate in nature.

The EOS® process helped us identify what really is important to us as a business and has brought to the surface issues that we were not able to see or tackle before. This change in perspective has been amazing and KastellVP’s approach has allowed us to feel comfortable discussing these issues openly whilst coaching us on how to best tackle the next steps.

KastellVP has been instrumental to the growth and transformation of Eyetech. The practical business tools, methodology and coaching KastellVP provide have enabled us to develop a robust strategy that is helping us achieve our goals.

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