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What was your main challenge?

At STEP Enterprises, our consultancy firm specialises in  ISO certification and ISO consultancy, placing the clients’ needs at the forefront. Our bespoke services are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of each individual company.

After operating for a number of years, we found ourselves excelling in day-to-day tasks and client support, however we had lost sight of our long-term vision. As a very hands-on leadership team we were constantly being caught up in the daily grind without asking ourselves where we’re going or what we are trying to achieve.

With the structured guidance of our coaches and the EOS® process itself, we not only grasped the importance of pausing and strategizing but also acquired the knowledge of translating our vision into practical, actionable steps that led to achieving our goals.

How did you improve accountability?

In a small team, it’s often convenient to make excuses for unfinished tasks or unmet goals. The EOS® process has played a crucial role in instilling a culture of accountability, particularly in monitoring our progress towards specific objectives and metrics on a weekly basis. Now, everyone understand exactly what constitutes a successful week, and team members willingly share their concerns without needing to pinpoint deficiencies.

Our experience has shown that when team members can see their progress on a visual scorecard, they are more inclined to take personal responsibility for their work, fostering both individual and team accountability.

How did your meetings become more effective?

We’ve established the structure and discipline to allocate time from our busy schedules to focus on business growth.

Through EOS® and the Identify-Discuss-Solve (IDS) tool, we’ve mastered the skill of pinpointing the true source of issues and resolving them efficiently. This has significantly enhanced meeting effectiveness and eliminated the need for numerous ad-hoc meetings.

How effective was KastellVP's approach?

Although we initially attempted to implement the EOS methodology independently, there was a clear distinction between reading the book Traction and having a professional lead us.

KastellVP’s experience isn’t about providing all the answers; instead, they challenged us, offered examples, and encouraged us to move in the right direction. This experience has been immensely valuable, as it helped us learn and ultimately implement the process ourselves.

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