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Unearthing the problem

Implementing EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System,  helped us realise we had a few key problems. As we progressed with the implementation, we started addressing these issues which really help us and the business steer forward.

  • Accountability. We were all accountable, which means no one was accountable! Everyone would try and help solve problems, but when 5 people solve the same problem differently, it creates more problems.
  • Our vision was not clear. We did not have a rally cry. We could talk about our vision in a lot of words and in a lot of different ways but not clearly, not in a concise manner. It took us quite a long time to really figure it out and EOS® was instrumental in helping us clarify and communicate our vision with all the team.
  • Our core values were not clear. Although we always had a set of core values, they were not clearly articulated and known by all. We also did not use them actively in our recruitment process. Today we understand much better the importance to always be guided by your core values in every business decision.

What was holding you back?

It was mainly the lack of knowledge of a business management system. We already had great tech, great project management systems and digital tools. We always felt we could pull all the data we wanted, but it wasn’t focused, it wasn’t aligned across the company, we could not name issues in a standardized manner, and we kept solving problems on the fly.

What makes EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, so special?

Everyone knows where they stand. Everyone knows if we are pulling in the right direction and holistically, we have a lot more clarity and REAL accountability. When things go wrong, they are simply 1 of 6 issues, and thanks to KastellVP’s coaching and tool that simplifies the issue solving process (IDS), we really are making great strides. As I write this I am currently dealing with an issue, that honestly, before EOS, would have been detrimental for the company. As a business, we know exactly how to tackle issues and it’s a lot less scary than it would have been before. Running our business on EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, makes us feel prepared, no matter the situation.

How does KastellVP coach your team?

We always found our coaches available and supportive whenever we need them. Be it the facilitation of an unscheduled Issue Solving Session or participation in a Level10 meeting, they always bring a lot of value and insight to the meeting. The focus is on coaching and teaching us new practical tools and methods to help us improve as we progress through the EOS® programme. Through this coaching programme we’ve learnt, among other things,  how to be professional and how to respect the process of tackling issues, which has always been a challenge for us.  Running our business on EOS® is a great path to be on, one that takes a lot of the guesswork out of business and really systematises the daily issues.

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