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Why EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® ?

Having first hand experience in the industry Mohamed knew that running a business successfully entails achieving harmony between all the different components making up the business, be it sales, delivering the service, managing people, analysing data or managing finances.

How does a small but growing business, with limited resources, achieve all this was the big question that the business needed a quick answer for.

Inspired by  further research and a recommendation from another business owner  who was in a similar position a couple of years earlier, SFE embarked on the transformational journey to onboard EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System

How did this new Business Management System help SFE?

Since we started implementing EOS® the biggest improvement with KastellVP was around  accountability as we clearly defined the different roles & responsibilities across the teams. We also gained a lot from the core values discovery workshop we completed during the on-boarding phase of EOS®. This has helped us understand and communicate better who we are and today we use it as a natural reference point when hiring new members and rewarding existing ones. Thanks to EOS®, we now appreciate much more what it means to get the right people in the right seat, whereas before it was a case of hit-and-miss.

What changed in the day-to-day running of the business?

Having an overall structure of how to go about the daily tasks in a company has been very helpful to us. Of course, you can learn the hard way and try to guess how to do this by yourself. Knowing that many organisations have used this business management system successfully for many years, EOS® has helped us avoid making costly mistakes while moving forward at the right pace. Today our meetings have become very productive thanks to the discipline we learnt as part of the EOS process. Same goes for the way we tackle issues where we learnt how to solve issues once and for all, in a very structured manner. Everyone in the team knows clearly what is expected of them and what good looks like with clear targets that are reported openly every week.

EOS® has truly helped us create an environment of accountability rather than having the management team trying to “impose” accountability!

What about your overall well being?

When I decided to setup my own business, I was excited by the concept of building and owning something but soon enough I was owned by the business! The journey of implementing EOS® at SFE has really helped me gain control of the business and not have the business control me. This makes me feel good and gives me the reassurance that we are on the right path.

What makes KastellVP stand-out from other business consultants?

The approach is very different as KastellVP focus on coaching us to ensure we learn and “do” things ourselves rather than have them “fix” our problems. This gives us the opportunity to really learn and practice the tools and concepts of Business Management. Furthermore KastellVP constantly challenge us on various aspects of the business and areas that can be improved. The good thing is that our coaches then empower us to fix it all, one step at a time!

“We are so thankful to have a support system that helps us help ourselves” 

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