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Entrepreneurs who want to scale their companies often engage a business coach to help them get there. Let’s face it, being a business owner is no mean feat. You are constantly faced with multiple decisions and challenges daily, often piling up pressure. You often ask yourself if you are taking the right decision and choosing the right path in achieving the longer-term goals of the business. 


Most business owners confess that they feel lonely and stressed whilst trying to solve most issues by themselves. Engaging a business coach will provide the required support to coach you through the process of taking those crucially tough decisions and help you gain the skills and awareness to grow both personally and professionally while achieving the required discipline and rhythm to sustain this for the long run.


Business coaching is neither consultancy nor therapy.


A good business coach will not “fix” the business for you but rather coach you to find the right direction and pace for your business. The coach will ask, listen, observe and provide feedback on how to tackle specific issues in your business.  The golden rule is that the coach will guide you on how to implement the solutions yourself as that is the only way you can achieve great results that help you grow as a leader and withstand the test of time.

Here are 5 reasons why engaging a business coach will benefit you and your business:

  1. Help you understand how to navigate daily challenges and meet your goals

A seasoned business coach will provide insights and perspectives that will help you overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. The coach will ensure that you remain focused on achieving your goals by charting a path and clarifying what should happen next, without intervening on the actions directly. At times the coach will “just” highlight something or point you in a direction that was there in front of you all along, however you could never see it as you were in the weeds, working too deeply in the business itself and fully absorbed by the issue at hand.


2 – Challenge you and hold you accountable

If you are not willing to be vulnerable and open, you are not ready to be coached. An effective coach will give you frank, honest, and at times painful, feedback on your actions and decisions. Most business owners often complain that they are not challenged enough by their team and this is exactly why the right business coach will challenge you and your methods, to help you grow and mature as a business leader. Your coach will also help you overcome the fear of having those difficult and tough conversations or decisions that typically just get postponed, by helping you understand the impact of the decision and how to best approach it.


3 – Highlight the blind spots

Having worked with different customers and industries along the years, the right coach will be able to pin-point issues and possible consequences that are not obvious. By asking clarifying questions and helping you identify the real issues, they will help stimulate thoughts and ideas that you may have missed. As an external resource that is not directly involved in the day-to-day operation, a coach can bring a perspective that might have been overlooked, misinterpreted or forgotten about altogether. Furthermore, a good coach will also have the required skills and experience to identify and deal with the different personalities and will guide you on which approach may work better to communicate better your expectations and obtain the desired outcome.


4 – Introduce Structure in your business

Most business owners get absorbed by the day-to-day tasks and urgent issues that constantly seem to crop up. One of the disciplines a business coach will introduce is how to structure your business using a set of practical tools that will help you run your business in a more efficient manner. This will also help you gain the time and mental space you need to work “on the business” rather than constantly firefighting “in the business”. The target would be for you to learn and implement a business management system that will create an environment of accountability and alignment with your vision throughout your whole organisation.


5 – Focus on empowering and liberating you

A great coach knows that the more successful the relationship is, the less you will need them over time. The goal is to provide you with the right systems and tools to help you practice the concepts and theory in your business. Eventually the end game is that you yourself will be coaching your team to become the next leaders and liberate yourself from the day-to-day operations of the business. A great coach embraces this and is mostly rewarded when seeing their clients mature to a stage where they can move on.


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