About Us

We go back over 20 years, having worked together in various roles and organisations. Our different personalities surely played an important part in the successes we shared through rain and shine with our teams along the years. It probably also explains why we still enjoy sticking together despite our frequent animated discussions about matters worth challenging.

In 2017, while in the search for a better way to run the business we were in at the time, we joined an international peer-group of like-minded entrepreneurs, who introduced us to a little book called “Traction”. We still recall the “Aha” moment on a beach in Sicily while on holiday with our families, when we realised we had to implement a Business Management System to bring more clarity and accountability in the business.

Along the years, we had already been feeling an ever-growing pain among small and medium business owners who struggled to take their business to the next level. Many owners eventually realise that their current success is not scalable beyond themselves because it depends on their own “muscle-and-feel” contribution, but they don’t know how to solve it. Inspired by the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) model, we decided to focus our energy and experience to help business owners achieve their dreams because we also know the positive impact that this would have on their employees and their families.

KastellVP was setup with the sole purpose to coach owners of small and medium business on how to get past this limiting ceiling, grow their business in a healthy and sustainable manner, in order to fulfill their dream. Our big, hairy, audacious goal is to transform 500 businesses by 2030.